By becoming a Kasasa customer, you become a part of a grassroots banking revolution. You do simple things that save us money. In turn, we return the favor by offering exciting rewards. Best of all, the money circulates within the local community to fund small business lending and benefit local citizens. That way, we all thrive and grow together.

Kasasa Cash

Earn really high rates, paid in cash. So you can get more out of your money.

Kasasa Cash Back

Get cash back on everyday debit card purchases. No points, no category restrictions, just cash back.

Kasasa Tunes

Get paid in iTunes and Amazon refunds, good for music, movies, apps, and more — every month.

Kasasa Giving

Pay it forward while still paying yourself. Earn cash to keep, plus donate to a charitable cause of your choice.

Kasasa Saver

Enjoy automatic, high-paying savings. Plus, your Kasasa Cash rewards give you more cash to save.